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Young people have told us how hard it is to get support and how intimidating and stigmatising it can feel in a traditional clinic setting.

A Mindful Paws breaks down the barriers to accessing support. We help you in more creative ways than you might find in traditional clinics. Young people have told us our approaches make it feel far less formal but just as helpful, if not more so than traditional talking therapies.

We are starting with our established clientele in Huntingdon but will expand to neighbouring towns and villages where a need is identified.

We also sell services such as training or consultation to external agencies in how to support young people with emotional and mental health issues.

We are committed to ensuring that young people in our local area can access the best support and advice they need to overcome any emotional and mental health difficulties they may face. Young people are at the forefront of our work. We listen to what they tell us they need which is easy access to support and advice in facing life’s challenges.

The team at A Mindful Paws met while working with the Here:Now drop-in service. This was set up through additional funding with the specific aim of reducing young people presenting at A&E with mental health issues. It was a very successful service which helped a large number of young people who were struggling with a range of emotional and mental health difficulties. Sadly the funding came to an end and while Here:Now still exists, it is a much smaller provision with many of the more creative therapeutic support no longer available. 

We felt we were meeting a very definite need in the community (we still had waiting lists when the service ended) and enjoyed the work we were doing with young people, so we decided to set ourselves up as a charity to work alongside Here:Now. The team has a wide range of skills and experience of working with young people with varying emotional and mental health difficulties.

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